President / Founder

Bridgette Holbrook

I grew up a coal miners daughter fishing with my papaw Charles.  However, this was about the only outdoor activity my family enjoyed.  Through the years I began to enjoy various activities such as: hiking, camping and horseback riding.  But only a few times.  I was never exposed to guns and actually had an intense fear of them.  I had a beautiful baby girl that had terrible food allergies but thankfully could eat wild game without any health consequences.  Soon I found myself a single mother and determined to provide for her.  I managed to harvest deer, boar, elk and soon became addicted to hunting.  I found myself wanting to learn to do it independently.  This was the beginning of Wildlife Women.

Vice President

Melissa Blair

I'm a mother of three wonderful kids who are my life.  I'm a coffee lover and a momma to two German Shepherds.  I grew up as a Fire Chiefs / preachers daughter who spent most of my time on a lake fishing with dad or the whole family.  Worked in the Sheriff's Department right out of high school while attending a community college and found my love for shooting guns.  I later grew a love for hunting which was easy, because I already had a love for the outdoors while growing up in it.  Even though I haven't taken a lot of big game, I still enjoy the peacefulness that comes while being in the woods and hearing and watching the world come alive.  I love getting in a gym or doing home workouts so I can stay healthy and be fit to be able to pursue the outdoors more everyday.  I'm passionate about being a part of Wildlife Women because I'm able to share my love for the outdoors and open up more opportunities to the ladies to be more involved in the outdoors and pass the tradition on to our future generation.

Hunting teaches you patience, discipline, ethics, sustainability, appreciation, confidence, perseverance, and hard work.

Event and Marketing Director

Erin Bingham


Erin was born with a love for the outdoors running deep through veins and that still defines her to the very core today.  From running barefoot on muddy creek banks as a child, tucked deep in a holler of Eastern Kentucky, she was able to snag her first creek minnow on a homemade sugar cane pole. She was hooked for life. Erin spent her childhood running freely through the mountains, learning the property lines of the family farm by landmarks that are still etched deep into her mind today.  As an adult, she still roams the mountains chasing game of species big and small, but her passion for the outdoors does not stop there.

Being the mother to three free spirited, sunshine seekers means sharing her passion and knowledge of the outdoors onto the next generation. She carefully built a strong foundation for them to live the way she does today, with respect and admiration for all that God has created. She as taught them to be stewards and conservationist of outdoors. Her two oldest children have already harvested deer, and her daughter even has a turkey under her belt.  Much like their free spirited momma, they have deep love of the outdoors and enjoy nothing more than to have a fishing pole in their hands. They truly have inherited their mothers love and passion for being outside and want nothing more than to be outdoors every chance they get. A true sign of parenting done right.

Why Wildlife Women? Wildlife Women provides Erin the opportunity to engage and share her love for the outdoors, surrounded by other women who share who love and passion for the outdoors.  After a life time of competing against men, feeling like she alway had to prove herself and her skills, she found a new avenue for sharing her passion and love for the outdoors. As a chapter leader nothing brings her more joy than putting a bow, a gun, or a fishing rod in someones hands for the first time and watching them fall in love with the outdoors.  That passion for teaching others pushed Erin to become a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Hunter Safety Instructor and a Bowhunter Education Instructor.  Her goal is simple.  Help women, regardless of age, be the best version of themselves in the outdoors.

Erin's hope is that as her daughter ages, she will never feel out of place or discouraged because of her love for the outdoors.  She is raising her sons to respect women and value a women’s place in the outdoors. Ultimately she prays that she will make a difference in one woman’s choice to take on new adventures, break down the barriers that inhibit women from participating in the outdoors, and paving the road for the next generation of women everywhere to get outdoors!

Legislative Affairs Coordinator/ Secretary

Michelle Ralston


I am married to my high school sweetheart and am the mother to twin girls. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, I spent my summers in Menifee County working and playing outdoors with my family. I’ve always loved being outside in God’s creation but recently have gotten the urge to learn and do more. My husband is very supportive and helpful and is teaching me about fishing, hunting, and shooting guns and bows. But the thought of having girlfriends to do and learn with was very exciting! I’m looking forward to making new friends and a network of supportive, energetic, and self-reliant outdoor women!


State Director

Wendy Race

New Jersey/Pennsylvania

North Hampton county, PA  Warren County, NJ  Sussex, NJ

I’m a Farmer's Wife 💗 & Grew Up in Northampton County, PA & Now Live in Warren County NJ with my Husband who’s Family has a Fruit & Vegetable & Pick Your Own Farm. We Have our own Deer Corn Business together & Raise Our Own Beef & Pork & Sell our nitrate free & naturally smoked products at our in town farm stand. It’s amazing & rewarding knowing where your food comes from & being able to know & say that you put the meat on the table. I love to Hunt, fresh & saltwater fish, Shoot Trap, sporting clays, archery, sight in my guns, pheasant hunting, small game & waterfowl hunting, hiking, kayaking & anything outdoors. I Grew up in an Old Farm House in Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania & Glad I was able to grow up with only an old school box tv, a Sega Genesis, a telephone in the kitchen with what seemed like a 20 foot cord you had to try not to trip on while my mom was on it cooking in the kitchen, & picking a pail of rocks from my Grandfather's garden with my Sister to earn each Disney movie we have ever owned, & lucky enough to live on an old farm with all the fields & Woods for a backyard & be able to spend every day in the outdoors.  Shot my first shotgun when I was 9 When my grandfather wanted to teach me how to trapshoot & have not been able to put one down since.  My Sister & I had to help reload our own shells with him & Clean our guns every night when we got home from shooting & taught us how to take care of and respect our guns & how important safety was first. I Lost him when he lost his battle to cancer & didn't get to hunt with him. I enjoyed learning to fish with my Dad while growing up & Still do whenever i get up to Maine to see Him. Pursuing hunting alone & learning along the way & help from friends & family provided the building blocks of the Hunter I have become today & would love to help encourage women to get involved with anything outdoors & there’s so much to learn & share. I learn something New every time I climb my ladder stand or get free time to spend waking up with the woods. Not everyone has someone to encourage or to throw some confidence their way to follow a passion & help them along the way 💗.



Chapter Leader

Jazmin Holbrook


As the youngest chapter leader, chairperson and member of the fundraising committee. I am still in school studying to be a physical therapist. I suffer from severe food allergies which lead my mother the President of this organization to hunting to provide food for me. This soon turned into a love and passion for the outdoors. I love being active in the outdoors partaking in things such as: hiking, sports, fishing, and four wheeling. I also love to cook, especially meals that I normally can't order in restaurants because of my allergies. I love being able to create new meals for myself and other people with food allergies. I was taught to be independent growing up and I want every woman I come in contact with to have the same motivation and strength to provide for themselves without dependence on others.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain"



Chapter Leader

Alexandra Logan Ballard


Owen / Henry / Carroll Counties

I am a wife and mother to 2 beautiful children, Jayce and Locket, and a proud dog mom. I grew up in a small Northern Kentucky town.  Due to limited activities, I developed a great love of animals, outdoors and nature.  Some of my fondest memories are fishing with my Dad and spending weekends exploring the woods.  As an adult, I let that love slip away until I met my husband and best friend.  As we spent most of our dates in the woods and on the water, it revitalized that love and helped me explore it even more.  We even spent our honey moon fishing.  And even though my true love will always be fishing, my husband has helped me build a passion and excitement for hunting. Together we also have an obsession for shed hunting.  What started as a fun competition between each other, has now brought into our lives 2 shed dogs, Fletcher and Dolly, and countless weekends traveling around the state and country looking for that “brown gold”.  As a mother, one of my greatest goals and accomplishments would be to make sure my children know the joys and wonders of growing up in the outdoors.  Especially with my daughter, I think it’s important that she sees that women have a place in the outdoor community and has positive role models along the way. It’s a true passion of mine to help other women know this as well, and to help nurture and grow their excitement and love for the outdoors!


Chapter Leader

Heather LeBlanc


Gallatin / Boone / Grant Counties

I was born in Canada but I was raised all over.  I now reside in Verona Kentucky with my husband Michael and our beautiful son Henry.  I have a lil Country Mouse /City Mouse thing going on. I am a water baby at heart, so whether it's fishing, swimming, or boating, I'll do it.  I love camping, hiking, kayaking, farming, target shooting, and a very broad spectrum of outdoor activities.  I have spent time camping in the Nevada desert and I have lived in remote Northern Quebec in The Cree Nation of Wemindji. I've backpack across Europe for months and experienced all sorts of Adventures. I am diverse in my experience and I'm always up for an adventure. I have a passion for the outdoors and I believe we must be responsible stewards of the land. I believe teaching future generations traditions and respect for the outdoors is our greatest gift to conservation.


Chapter Leader

Kim Bryant


Tuscaloosa/Walker counties

I am completely obsessed with hunting, fishing, traveling, anything that gets me outdoors to explore and experience new adventure.

My mom gave me the travel, explore, adventure gypsy bug and my dad was the first one to teach me the love and respect of this God given privilege. He taught me first and foremost how to be safe, to respect the animal and its environment and that it is not always about the trophy you can mount on your wall. It's being present in that moment, it's the memories, adventure, lessons you learn, the experience and most of all the respect and appreciation you show towards your harvest.

If I had to pick one favorite quote/motto it would be “It is not about having the skill to do something, it's having the will, desire & commitment to be YOUR best.”

I am very blessed to be able to do what I love, the thing I am passionate about and follow my dreams. That has made me the woman I am today!

I love being able to share the love and the experiences that I have been taught with other women, and the next generation.

Hunting with my own daughters, introducing friends to hunting and sharing their excitement whether it is the very first time they have ever hunted, fished, or even traveled independently.

That is something special and it is truly a great feeling!

Kim Bryant


Chapter Leader

Katelyn Dallas




I'm a proud wife and proud boy mom of 3.  I grew up in the small now big town of Georgetown, Ky.  My dad would take me fishing all the time because of my love for the outdoors.  It was when I met my husband that I grew a stronger love for hunting.  From then on, any chance I can get to out into the woods, I take it.  My kids also love the outdoors as much as me and my husband do.  I'm a taxidermist at Four Seasons Taxidermy in Georgetown, Ky where I also help run our family sporting goods store called Bluegrass Outdoor Shop.  I'm so excited to help teach and show ladies how to be more involved in the outdoors!

State Director

Cassie Diamond 

West Virgina

Logan/Wayne/Mingo counties


Pike County 

I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. Growing up 3 miles in the head of a holler and being the only girl surrounded by a host of boys, including my brother and cousins, I feel I am as independent and strong as they come. Being outdoors is something I was raised up doing. As a child camping and fishing was always on the agenda during the summer time and riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles was what I lived for. I never really hunted for the simple fact my sweet Daddy just couldn’t do it. He never had the heart for it. My love for hunting didn’t come until I met my husband. What started out as dates in the woods and teaching me how to use a bow turned into a wonderful marriage and a new found life for me in the woods. My 11 year old daughter has found that same love for the woods and hunting. If our camo is on hers is on and she has really turned into the cutest little hunter ever. When I was asked to join Wildlife Women it brought an excitement into my heart and I wanted to join and get involved so that my daughter sees that WOMEN ROCK!! I want her to know what it feels like to be independent and to grow up knowing she can do anything she puts her mind to! 



Tracy Shaw


Tracy was born in East TN, and raised in Arkansas. Her Dad was an avid hunter and fisherman and taught her from an early age to love everything outdoors. She also loves to hunt and fish for everything but her favorite is whitetail and saltwater fishing. Tracy is a guide for Heaven bound hunters and godly guides. She is a volunteer for AGFC and NWTF. She is a certified archery instructor for USA Archery, NASP, and S3DA. She loves to teach women and kids the sport of archery and help to see their self confidence develop into a life long love for the outdoors. She enjoys lifting up women and kids in the outdoors. Tracy says, “Learning new skills helps to empower others into learning what they are capable of doing”.



Angela Hatton

94th District State Representative

I am a mom, an attorney and newly elected Kentucky State Representative in Letcher and Pike Counties. I first was asked to be involved with Wildlife Women to do some legal work but soon found myself involved in hikes, skeet shooting, a self defense course, concealed carry course and a lot of other fun activities this group has planned. When I'm not in the courtroom or at the capitol, I enjoy hiking, camping, shooting, riding horses, riding ATV's and motorcycles and just about anything outdoors. I have never hunted but thanks to the encouragement of this group of women, I'm looking forward to trying it this year.