The wind is a constant companion, a traveler of distant places. From soft summer breezes to winter gales, listen to the wind, feel it upon your skin, breathe deeply of it’s smells. Though important, go beyond how the wind will effect your hunt.
Wind can be playful or forceful; it will caress your cheek or push you sideways.
A summer’s afternoon wind gives you the smell of wildflowers & fresh cut hay, while a winter wind brings oak and hickory leaves upon forest floor. A night wind has more mystery and essence of far off lands than by the light of day.
Mountain wind is different than an ocean breeze, one is cool and clear, the other tangy and moist.
So why do I pen this here, for a women’s group? Because, even though men and women share the outdoors equally, a woman can feel and pickup on things that a male may miss.
Listening to and feeling the wind with all it offers is one thing you as females can absorb and understand better than most. ~ Wade Pennell

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