Wildlife Women Paddles and Poles

Ladies let me start off with saying what am awesome event this was!!

This was my first time hosting an event as a chapter leader.

I planned us a Saturday of kayaking and fishing at Fish Pond lake in Letcher co.

This lake is absolutely beautiful. The waters so green and crystal clear.

As I pulled in that morning 2 of the ladies had already arrived. They were just as eager as I was to get started.

I got out and immediately started sitting up for the event. I stopped on the way in and hung the signs and balloons so everyone would know the location. Melissa pulled in soon after I started setting up. Then a little later here mamma Linda comes rolling in. We got the tables all set. After we talked and talked lol. Having such a good time we finally decided it was time to hit the water. I told the girls I had a prize for the biggest fish and the most fish. So I went ahead and told them I’d just put that in my truck cause I was a shoe in 🤣🤣. We got the kayaks in the water and I have a fast safety course. All the girls had their own kayaks and was already a pro. Mom and  daughter team Jessica done took off with their pole in hand. They meant business lol. They were gonna make sure they got their poles in the water first. It was a full blown competition by then. We all took off and fished and fished and fished. As we all paddled along we would pass each other and chat have a few laughs and giggles. Before I know it time had taken away our time. And it was definitely time to eat. We were starving. We pulled our kayaks on shore and ran to the picnic tables. The night before I had prepared my awesome pulled pork Smoked BBQ. I made coleslaw and got chips for the sides. And 2 coolers fills of drinks of all sorts. Linda said grace and we all dug in. We had a fantastic lunch. After we got our bellies full it was time for the prizes.

So BIGGEST FISH goes to- no one

And MOST FISH goes to no one

No one had caught a single fish lol. So we decided we would do a hat drawing. Everyone ended up with some great prizes from hammocks to sleeping bags, smart watch’s and some other great prizes. Beaver Creek Outfitters sent us a whole bag of awesome prizes they donated. We had a blast that day and I can’t wait to get out and host my next event. Thanks to everyone who came and made my event special.


Chapter Leader

Tina Thornsberry

Letcher and Harlen.

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