Wildlife Women is in the Schools

We Need More Schools Like Meece Middle

Meece Middle School is located in Somerset, KY. It is a “city school” located in a rural Pulaski County, for 5th through 8th grades. They are recognized as a Distinguished School, academically, and the school has the typical sports programs. The staff think of each other more like family, than co-workers. One thing that sets this school apart, is the diverse clubs and opportunities for learning, the school gives its students.

Once a month is Club Day. On the last Wednesday of every month, during the last hour of school, each student goes to a class they have individually picked as their area of interest. We have teachers and community businesses that volunteer to teach kids about Banking, being a Veterinarian, an Attorney, cooking, babysitting, or even Yoga. Usually, there is an average of 25-30 different types of clubs to choose from. The students remain in their club for the whole school year. This year, WILDLIFE WOMEN CLUB was added to the choices. It is headed by Lake Cumberland Chapter Leader, Kelly Crow, and has proven to be a very rewarding and fun-filled club. The club is a school-based version of the group Wildlife Women, Inc., which is a women only, non-profit organization that teaches outdoor skills to the public.

Wildlife Women Club gives our female students the opportunity to learn about the outdoors and activities geared toward the outdoors, in a less intimidating environment. Middle School aged teens are very emotional and this group has helped them to feel more inspired, encouraged, and EMPOWERED. Camping, hunting, fishing, archery, ATV’s, horse-back riding, boating, and hiking, are just a few of the things they study.

Since the introduction of this club, these students have more interest in after school activities, such as the Archery Team and the hopes of a new Air Rifle Team. Even with all the activities offered at this school, there are always students that don’t mesh with sports, cheerleading, band, etc. This is just another avenue in which our students can benefit from college scholarships if the interest is there. Both Archery and Air Rifle offer those scholarships.

More middle schools need to involve our students in real-life educations that make our children well-rounded individuals. We are losing a lot of the “fun” in the educational process and these club days encourage our students to attend school and that it isn’t an institution, but a place of learning.

Hats off to Meece Middle Schoo



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