What About “Bear Necessities”???


Being Vice President of Wildlife Women has been an experience that I’m always so thankful to be a part of.  I love being part of a nonprofit organization where we educate, inspire, and encourage women to get into the outdoors and enjoy it.

I’ll never claim to be an expert in anything, but there are moments in Wildlife Women where I am able to help educate, but I’m always also being educated.  We held a Bear Necessities event where we all learned so much about the black bear.  Black bears have really grown in numbers here in Eastern Kentucky, and in taking that class, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.  I knew I wanted to take a bear tag for I was confident and ready.

Archery bear season came in and I was on it, so that first weekend I was out chasing black bear, deer and turkey.  I was awesome, hittin the woods with a compound bow for deer, crossbow for bear, and shotgun for turkey.  Obviously, I was ready and on a mission.  A mission to take a few things off my bucket list!

I’ve never taken a deer with a compound bow so I prepared for that opportunity but for a bear I felt I needed a crossbow.  As to Turkey, I brought my shotgun because I’ve never taken one in the fall.

Imagine this, 140 pound and 5’8″, compound bow in hand, shotgun on right shoulder and crossbow on left shoulder, along with backpack with all necessities I was prepared!  Confident that what ever came my way, I was ready to fill the freezer and provide for my family.

My first spot was my favorite tree that I have sat at before, with all my arsenal ready as needed.  Later in the afternoon I decided to do some spot and stalk, walking the wooded area quietly and with little movement  as possible. .  I walked miles that day, climbing these mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

Did I fulfill any of my dreams or bucket list?  No, but I did become a better person and hunter for it.  I may not have filled my freezer or provided for my family that weekend, but I did provide for my family in so many other ways.

Hunting teaches you patience, discipline, ethics, sustainability, appreciation, confidence; but most of all perseverance and hard work.  This is truly what’s most important and of real value to me!

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