This Old Deer Camp

This old deer camp sees very little use anymore, the owner passed away a bit over a year ago. Doesn’t look like much, never did actually, but it served family and friends well for half a century. 

     Now it sits empty, a monument to times past. The owner’s only child, a son lives hours away and though he does still hunt the land and stores a bit of gear and lunch under the old camp’s tin roof it’s no longer the heyday it once was. Being that said, I stopped by today. Still own a member’s key to unlock the three gates down a long forest road to access this bygone place. 

     Haven’t been here in some years do to my own health issues but glad I went today. My little dog Jockey and I did the dime tour and snapped pictures, stood and felt the years fall away. 

     Why write and post this on Easter day? Well let’s just say my old friend that built this place has moved on, and as Easter means eternal life, I hope my old friend is doing well today! ~ Wade Pennell