The Moments Hunting Defined Me

“The moment hunting defined me was the moment!”

I decided I was missing out on a great experience, so I borrowed some camo & showed up to deer hunt with two excited little girls. 

When I realized it is perfectly ok to walk into a store wearing camouflage head to toe and have people follow you around like you’re going to rob the place. 

The time a lady looked at me told me I was an evil animal killer. 

The time I shot at a deer and missed another one came out I dropped him in his tracks. “don’t get prideful!”  

and the time I shot a deer and never recovered it. 

The moment I fell as I was climbing out of a stand trying to help my youngest daughter down the ladder while holding chairs, backpacks and gun. 

The day I was holding my oldest daughter in my lap as she pulled the trigger on her very first doe at 4 yrs old. 

That time I had to walk out of a swamp with no flashlight during bow season & could hear something following me. 

While hog hunting almost stepping on a copper head. 

Watching a big cat climb down the side of a tree hearing the woods go crazy around me 

knowing it’s getting dark & I have to leave the safety of the ground blind. 

The time I shot a doe had to go pick up friends pulling back up to recover the deer & her baby runs straight toward me literally tries to jump in the ranger with me. “True story I have 3 witnesses!” 

Videoing a big buck for 10 minutes feed, waiting for the perfect shot, take the shot he falls down but gets back up runs off, no blood no deer the big debate to this day!! Did I hit or miss him? the hunt that will haunt me forever!! The hunt that made me question everything, it’s the one that made me diligent at target practice, cleaning my gun, checking to be sure my scope is on. Don’t overthink the shot. 

The hunt on the last day, last evening of gun season and my baby girl gets her buck! 

The time I took a friend who never hunted and videoed her harvest her very first deer a buck. 

When several of us tracked another friends deer for miles walking up on a wounded deer in a briar thicket not carrying the gun is “not fun at all!” 

Having to watch the biggest buck ever stand in the middle of the shooting lane broadside and not take the shot because he’s out of bow range by 10 yards and I had to watch him walk away to never see him again. “literally I could have thrown up!” 

The moment I had traveled across the world by myself to hunt Africa plain games and falling in love with an amazing continent. 

The entire turkey season I hunted more than ever before, learning all I could from guys who wanted to see me succeed, who took time away from there own hunts to try & get me a gobbler when on the last morning of season I got my first gobbler with a great friend realizing that was the most exciting hunt and harvest to date. 

The moment my daddy looked at me when he wasn’t able to leave his bed sick from cancer & said “it’s deer season, you should be hunting instead of stuck in this house

I want you to go hunt and kill a big one!”  That moment I realized I will never apologize for being who I am a hunter!