Stuffed Deer Burger Loaf

After a successful deer season and you’ve filled your freezer half way through the year you may get tired of the same old recipes. Here are a few recipe that chapter leader Kim wanted to share. Keep hunting, keep filling the freezer with tasty wild game! 

Stuffed deer burger loaf 

1-lbs of deer burger (2/ because my family devoured 1. Loaf) 

Flatten out the burger into a thin flat square 

Chop 4-mini sweet peppers red, yellow, green, orange. 

Sprinkle Onion powder -to taste 

Garlic powder -to taste 

Steak seasoning -to taste on burger then  

Sprinkle shredded cheese of your choice on flattened burger,I use either pepper jack, mozzarella, or colby jack which ever I have on hand. 

Chop Bacon pieces can be raw, they will cook with meat, sprinkle 2-3 pieces over peppers, and cheese. 

Roll the burger into a log roll, finally wrap a few pieces of bacon in an crisscross (x) around log secure with foil bake or grill on 250° for 1hr or until meat is cooked thoroughly, let cool, cut and serve.