Obviously I love squirrel hunting. Have done so for the past 60 years, and with declining health it’s about all I can reasonably handle. With Virginia’s deer season now behind us we still have two more months yet of small game.
     With the previously mentioned heath concerns I am now less likely to sally forth too far afield.
     Question in point: There are numerous gray tree crawlers that partake of the well stocked bird feeders in the gardens. They are much enjoyed as to viewing pleasure along with the many feathered partakers.
     So my question to you dear readers is this: Should one tramp through countless woodlots and swamp bottoms in pursuit of such quarry or harvest ample, grain feed possible Crock-Pot fare within one’s own backyard?  Pickings would be easy, population is of local abundance.
     As easy as a determination could be, there is one strong economic drawback to such endever. There has been many a dollar, nay a large financial outlay, to induce this large and rather plump population to its present abundance. Would I not be shooting myself in my wallet???
     As Shakespeare so valently exclaimed: “Once more unto the breach…….a.k.a, yes I’m off to the hinter lands, forest and swamp, again in search of Brunswick Stew ingredients. The local estate population again be spared. 
     With all this tongue in cheek, keep this in mind ladies and enjoy being out there in nature for whatever small game season your state has left. It’s fun, it’s getting out there, it’s what Wildlife Women is all about! ~ Wade Pennell