“She’s such a Boar!”

Twenty years back my wife collected her first deer, twenty years forward and she’s now got her Boar.
      Dreams come true when perseverance, dedication and desire stay in the forefront of an individual’s mindset. This lady, from a standing start of never having fired a gun nor hunted anything to what you see today has accomplished so much!
     A successful deer hunter, a master hunter education instructor for the Virginia Department of Game & Fish, she now has obtained a much anticipated wild boar.
     Traveling to the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee in April, she fulfilled a dream that had been hers for more than a decade, to hunt and collect a Russian Boar.
     After several morning and evening stands she took a 202 lb animal with one shot from her .243 single shot rifle. I was just there for company and spotter, my backup rifle of course wasn’t needed.
     Her tears flowed and prayers answered, she has proudly & justifiably stayed on top of the world for days!
     As a writer for Wildlife Woman, this particular blog gives me utmost satisfaction and humbling pleasure to pen this piece about the can do spirit of an awesome lady that happens to be my wife.
     This is what Wildlife Women is all about! ~ Wade Pennell

1 thought on ““She’s such a Boar!””

  1. She’s beautiful too! I love the fact that she’s got her nails done and her jewelry on, she’s breaking down barriers and stereotypes! You can tell she’s a “ put together” lady!

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