September is the blushing bride of fall, the promise of coming tomorrows. For anyone that enjoys the outdoors and nature as I do, September is the month! September is the beginning of Autumn, with visions of all the  wondrous things to come. That first frost, first tinge of color to the trees, first smell of woodsmoke from a chimney, first flock of geese heading south.     The sweltering days of summer will soon be but a distant memory as brisk winds bring a coolness to the land by day and a sharpness at night. Everything takes on an urgency in September as well, animals forage a bit more actively, fish grabbing the last of summer’s insects. We as outdoor folks perk up too, getting out of the house and the no longer needed A/C. Sweaters are a welcome addition now in the evening and short pants are switched out for long. The lawn may still require a few more mowings and there’s still a bit of stuff left in the garden, but September has finally arrived! ~ Wade Pennell
That glorious month that for me, heralds the beginning of the holiday season! I LOVE AUTUMN! The colors are vibrant and breath taking, the air takes on a maple scented sweetness though I have no clue where it comes from. The mornings are frost bitten and chilly, but the afternoons are still warm; fall is when I feel alive! Frosty nights have killed off some of the bugs and sitting outside has become more enjoyable once again. Out here the smoke from summer fires starts to clear and the sky takes on that autumn blue that just seems “more, bigger” and the stars seem to shine brighter at night also. Autumn is about walking hand in hand through crunchy leaves and making huge leaf piles to jump into. Yes, the scent of woodsmoke (even though it never, ever doesn’t smell like that here) and seeing it lay like wisps of fog across the fields. In my opinion, fall is the most wonderful time of the year! 😉🍁🍂🍁🍂 ~ Judith C