I do not believe in reincarnation, but if I did and if it were so, I would wish to spend my next life as a tree! Seriously, even as a small child sitting under a timeless old oak I have thought of this.
     Yes a tree, a White Oak preferably, on an east facing slope in Appalachia. I would watch over “my” forest, year after year, century after century. From budding springs to hazy summer days, colorful fall and darkest winter nights, storms and wind, through it all I would abide.
     Animals and birds nesting upon my limbs, others going about their lives beneath my broad trunk. Becoming intertwined in the web of life, of nature’s core. There could be worst ways to spend one’s days and time than observing life in a forest.
     But reincarnation aside, this is kind of what the ladies of Wildlife Women do all the time! ~ Wade Pennell

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