Opening Morning

Sitting here in my tree stand this morning. It’s a hot one already. But my heart has been begging for this day since the last season ended. Gentle rain kisses the trees. In the distance, two whippoorwills are singing. The fog is rising and I can feel it’s coolness both on my skin and in my breaths. The wind is moving the clouds of night swiftly from the sky. In their place, a watercolor pallet of the sweetest colors takes light. My senses are beginning to heighten. Every sound intensifying my heart rate, and increasing my breathing. It’s only 6:30 am! I feel alive in these moments. The harvest is an afterthought at this point. And while the ultimate goal may be to lay down a KY velvet buck…I am just living in this moment until then….

The sun begins to rise over the far ridge, it’s warming rays reaching my face. It’s now 9:18 am. A bit ago, a grey squirrel joined me in my tree along with a woodpecker. My enthusiasm is dwindling as morning fades into day. My company now is a red tail hawk, soaring from tree to tree, causing a racket. Early mornings rain is falling with the wind. Predicted temperatures are swiftly approaching. Part of me knows that the chances of harvesting a buck today are slim, but the other part of me is just here, living my best life, loving every second I get in these deer woods.

Folks, we never know what tomorrow holds. It could be the end of our road or the beginning of a new journey. I encourage you to test your boundaries. Set goals and crush them. Surround yourself with like minded people who support you and love you. And get outside.

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