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I never will forget when I was 5 years old, my parents taking me from what I knew as a city life (which wasn’t a big city, just a country type city) to a pure country life. My dad was a Land Surveyor and worked for coal companies because in Southeastern Kentucky, that’s what type of work was around. I never will forget being introduced to the neighborhood kids and all of them introducing me to actual mud, creek water and dirt!
The first time being introduced to mud was when the house was being moved onto the property. Which in Eastern Kentucky almost everyone lived in trailers and double wides. But back in 1978, they were called Moble homes. The septic tank was being dug and the my new best friend, which was a boy by the name of Tommy Roark started climbing up this hug mud hill that was pilled up by the backhoe. I watched as he climbed this hill and his feet sunk in and disappeared. All I could see was his thighs because the rest of his legs was eaten by all the mud. He hollered to join him. I remembered thinking, can I really do this? Because this was a first for me. That is, getting all muddy like that. I thought to myself, I have to do this. I don’t want to look like a wimp. So here I go. Treking up this hill and my legs being eaten alive by this mud. The more I went up, the more I thought how much fun is this!!! I had so much fun and at that moment, a country girl was being born!! The boy introduced me to crawdads, minners, chopping heads off chickens to eat, killing hogs that was raised to eat, blackberry picken and shooting squirrels. I was definitely a country girl and thankful that I was raised as one.
When President/ Founder Bridgette Holbrook came up with Wildlife Women, there was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity to join. My love for the outdoors can be shared with other ladies who wasn’t brought up the way I was or who was brought up as a country girl but not given the same opportunities as me. This also meant that I could learn even more and learn different things in the outdoors that I wasn’t given the opportunity to do.
Wildlife Women has opened my outdoors world to so much more than I could ever imagine. I have made so many friends and learned far more than I could have ever expected. When Hometown 24 TV station out of Hindman, Kentucky approached us and asked to do a reality show and for us to film everything we did, we all were so excited. Not because we thought we would be famous, but because it was a tool for us. A tool to spread the word more and let people know what we do and what we are about. As the Launch date is approaching, we  are excited and can’t wait to share our passion with everyone else. But as my excitement builds, it’s quickly let down.  As people see the commercials and social media posts, right here where Wildlife Women was born, they laugh and start a conversation with there is that WILD woman. Then the next words out of their mouths are, “She is famous you know, running around and playing in the outdoors and filming herself.”  Do they not realize what our show is about? Do they not realize what we are about? Do they really think we are just a bunch of women running around with cameras and trying to act and be pretty?  They have tresspassed on my excitement just like a tresspasser has crossed a property line.  The feeling you get from the laughter and the jokes is enough to make you feel like all the time and effort you have put in, is a waste.  Just like you take the time to plant your food plots and making all the plans ahead to bring in the deer and get them healthy and a better place to be able to hunt.  They have now crossed property lines and tresspassed on your property and killed that trophy buck that you have nurtured and brought in for your ultimate hunt of the year.  They will never understand unless they watch the show. Which I’m sure they won’t because they seem to think that it’s all about a bunch of women just trying to be pretty and running around trying to be famous.
I’ve come to realize that everyone will never understand what you do or what your about unless they really want to know the real you and support what you do. So for all you out there that takes the time to even read my blog and that really supports our organization, THANK YOU! You are the ones who continues to encourage me and the other ladies of Wildlife Women that we are doing something right. That we are keeping our passion going and that we are able to pass our passion of the outdoors onto the next generation and keep what we have grew up loving going.

18 thoughts on “No Tresspassing”

  1. Make no apologies, bow to no one, never second guess yourself or your goals. You ladies have a great organization!

  2. You ladies are +? in my book! Keep doing what you do and know you are not alone in this endeavor!!!!❤️❤️

  3. You ladies keep both feet planted on the ground , or in your case muddy dirt pile lol. I’m Honored to be your friend on YUDU and enjoy your posts. You ladies keep doing what your doing with no regret, you’re making a difference in people’s lives.
    Great blog young lady!

  4. I’m so proud of you my friend. Do not let the ignorance of others bring you down. I think what you are doing is awesome

  5. The ones saying this is not real hunters or outdoors people. To make fun belittle or take away from a great group yall have started is to show how weak and scared they are of yall being able to out hunt and out fish them. Keep it ip ladies yall are doing great.

  6. Keep on fighting the good fight Melissa. So many more are behind what yall are doing than some people will ever know. Some people were just never given proper learning about how to not be rude and not dimming someone else’s light. Heads up, smile and stand tall, yall are making a difference in so many women and girls lives, mine being one of them. I may not be in Kentucky or a part of one of y’alls chapters but seeing the things yall do and the things yall learn and teach helps women like me that dont have a support to lean on when learning about the hunting life. Keep up the awesome work!! ?

  7. Thank you so much Brian Senn! We really appreciate people like you that knows us and supports us!

  8. Shelly, thank you so much!! It’s because of ladies like you for doing what we are doing! Hopefully we will be close to you soon and you can join in on one of our events! Keep on keeping on also and you motivate us to do what we do!

  9. Thank you so much Shane! So glad we have people like you to support us!!

  10. Thank you so much Steve!! It’s such a true blessing to have you as my friend and support me and all the ladies of Wildlife Women!!

  11. Thank you so much Tim!! We are so honored to have you as a friend and thankful we have friends like you to support us!!

  12. Thanks so much Yvonne!! We really appreciate friends like you who know what we do and support what we are about!

  13. Thank you so much Bo! We are so proud and honored to have you support Wildlife Women the way that you do. Thank you for being a great ambassador in the outdoors world and being behind us 100%.

  14. Thank you so much Wade!! We can’t thank you enough for supporting us and being a part of our blog world with some awesome writings!! Love having you as a part of our family!!

  15. I never seen your show but I follow you on twitter and you are nothing but a class person ??

  16. People will always trespass on ground that holds good things. Jealousy abounds in this type thing and the way for you girls to get passed it, is to just keep doing what you love. Those who push you down will eventually see your determination and know who y’all are. Keep doing what you love and make sure to keep the passion fun! Don’t get lost in the time consuming nature and the nonsupport of others. It’s what you love……. not a popularity contest!

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