Mother Nature Slows Training

Spring in Kentucky is never the same! If you live on a farm or have livestock, this could be your worst nightmare, or your best friend. That wonderful rain makes green grass and lush fields. But, too much is a muddy mess.
My filly, Dusty, is not a fan of the mud and neither am I. Training has come to a halt, as we allow Mother Nature to show her temper tantrum. Within a week, we have had rain, a storm, tornados, 70 degree weather, snow, and then more rain. And, that is the usual Kentucky Spring weather pattern until May. Every area of the farm is covered in mud. The barn area is a mix of mud and standing water. Needless to say, Dusty refuses to stay near the barn. I’ll be glad when the “real” barn is built and has more space and better footing. We have still continued to work on manners, being less reactive, and overall gentleness.
Although, a horse gains a lot of knowledge from everyday handling, nothing beats using a round pen for training purposes. I know there are many different ways to train horses, and everyone has their own way of doing something, but I tend to follow the practices of my mentors and known trainers, like Johnny Lyons and Clinton Anderson. Down Under Horsemanship with Clinton Anderson was always a favorite TV Show of mine. I am by no means perfect, but I train with the intent to make the horse a well- rounded animal, not just a good riding horse. I take my time.
As any horse person will tell you, mud and rain is not your friend when you are trying to work with horses. A horse could slip in mud and hurt a leg, or step wrong, and injure tendons or muscles. Can’t get a lot of meaningful training done in Spring, but true Cowgirls will still get out there and work with their horse somehow. 
Happy Trails,
Kelly Crow (and Dusty)

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