Mother and Child

When my oldest was nine months old we went camping for a week, just my baby and me. I wanted so much to start that tradition with him and I made some wonderful memories.     Joyfully I watched my baby toddle through a meadow or down a shadow dappled forest path, a child with nature. One evening I carried him quite a distance to a rock outcropping overlooking a valley with the Pend Oreille river flowing through it, just so we could watch the sunset.      I climbed with that kid on my hip; felt like a momma monkey the way he was holding onto me! We never slipped, never stumbled and then we sat, me holding him on my lap. Both absolutely quiet….a momma and her baby, in the quiet of early evening.     As we sat there a deer and her fawn walked along the trail below us. Don’t know if she knew we were there, but regardless she wasn’t afraid. Taking her time, they stopped to eat, totally relaxed in the same natural environment as my child and I.     It really struck me how similar we were. In a sense we were two women alone in the woods, enjoying a beautiful, peaceful moment with our babies.     It touched my heart, one of those moments I’ll never forget and am supremely grateful for. Enjoy God’s world every chance you get, you never know when that special moment will come and last a lifetime. ~ Judith C.
Nothing I can add to this wonderful story other than to say I myself still have wonderful memories of my father and I in similar situations. God bless. ~ Wade Pennell