Have you ever looked at something so beautiful as this and try to burn that image into your head so you never forget it? I would hope that you answered yes to that question because if you’ve never experienced something this beautiful in the outdoors, you need to.

As a Southeast Kentucky girl, I have never heard or grew up around duck or geese hunting. As I’ve gotten older, I started taking notice and thought about trying it out. I never knew if I could make it possible until Wildlife Women was formed and we started talking about learning and doing duck hunting. Luckily after a little searching and luck, we found someone to help make this dream come true.

Brent Thompson from Pine Ridge British Labradors
drove a trailer full of duck and geese hunting equipment to Central Kentucky in September 2018 to teach us ladies about hunting ducks and geese. It was one of the most informational seminars that I have ever attended. When we left that evening, we all knew that Brent knew his stuff and we all had grown more excited to try this out.

We set a date in January to travel to his hometown in Western Kentucky to hunt. As the date got closer, I grew more excited even though I wasn’t sure how this was going to go or exactly what to expect. Everyone was talking on that end of the state how the migration was held up north still and wasn’t moving down through our area much because of the warmer temperatures than usual. That wasn’t going to stop us ladies though. We were all about making this dream come true.

As we made it to Western Kentucky that weekend, we sat down with Brent and his beautiful family to a delicious dinner of duck poppers and ground deer meat burgers. This was the first time for us ladies to eat duck and we weren’t disappointed at all. That delicious meat got all us ladies fired up to get up at 3am and head out to hunt.

We met Brent that early morning and found out what duck hunting is all about. The first morning was on a farm while the second morning was on Lake Barkley. Both mornings the sunrise was gorgeous. Such beautiful colors and a peacefulness that came with it. It wasn’t until the second morning on the lake while taking a boat ride to where we were going to hunt that I was able to sit and look out at the sunrise. At that moment I sat there, being drawn to the vibrate colors in the horizon. Smiling more and bigger the longer I stared. I was drawn in, couldn’t look away or maybe didn’t want to look away. It was at that moment I realized how lucky I was to be there fulfilling a dream that I had always thought about. Water filled my eyes, and it wasn’t lake water. It was the water that’s inside you that comes from your tear glands. The tears flowed and I didn’t care because the smile on my face said it all. This was my dream. A dream to come true. A moment in time that I will think about often. A moment that you would never think would ever happen but now has. It was my moment, which is more moments that I will make while enjoying the beautiful world that unfolds while hunting. More moments to be made to do more duck hunting.

Make moments in life whether its in the outdoors or with family indoors. Moments that you’ll always treasure and moments that will always be burned into your head like the moments I made while duck hunting.

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