Loss & Gain

Hunt often enough and you will lose an animal. Hunt long enough and you’ll miss a shot. Hunt often and long enough and you’ll blow your cover, spooking your quarry, ruining the day. Hunt some days when you’ll see nothing, maybe even days at a time. Hunt when it’s cold, raining, windy; bluebird days are usually not the norm.
But we still go, we still try, we still give it our all. Why? Because it’s what we do, it’s who we are. We are doers, seekers, adventurers. We go, we try and we do succeed most of the time. When we don’t we kick ourselves, shed a tear, then put things back in perspective and move on.
More game is harvested by perseverance than by luck. The good hunts happen because we went, kept at it, overcame the odds and bad luck, moved forward.
Upon final analysis it’s all part of being a hunter, a part of who we are. There is a uniqueness, a strength within us that the general population doesn’t have nor will ever know. ~ Wade Pennell