Looking back!




November 1981 was the first time I went deer hunting. I was 25 years old and still rememberthat day. A friend had loaned me a 308 rifle to hunt with. I remember my husband taking me to an area before daylight and when it got light, I was on a high peak and could see all around. Anything that moved, I would be able to see it. I saw 13 deer that day, but all the ones that were close enough to see good and within shooting range were does and unfortunately, that was back in the days when you could only take a buck. I never saw a buck to shoot that season, but I decided I loved deer hunting. The next year before deer season, My husband bought me my own Remington 270 automatic rifle with a scope on it, to hunt with. I just knew now, I would get a big buck that year, but it didn’t happen. It was 1985 before I took my first deer and it was a 8 point buck. I was so excited having hunted for 5 years, and now I had finally got one. I had gotten meat for the freezer and it felt so good! I have taken many deer since then, and look forward to deer season every year, even after hunting for 37 years. I now have some health problems that have slowed me down, but not stopped me yet, from going deer hunting and I still have that same excitement I had opening morning in 1981.