Looking Ahead


2017 Deer Season was a rough one before it even started here in Eastern Kentucky.  Blue tongue or technical term, EHD had hit HARD!  I had seen an abundance of deer on my property and now, none.  Then, I heard the talk from everyone and pictures being posted.  Everyone was finding dead deer.  Next, it was my turn, I found a dead doe in my front yard at the edge of the creek.  Later a dead buck, which was HUGE.  I was sick.

I had high expectations this season because my last couple of seasons wasn’t good.  I had a season where I had a malfunction with my rifle all because of me.  The next season wasn’t hunted because I had a bigger responsibility.  My dad was sick with cancer and wasn’t going to be with us much longer and later passed away.  That season was one season I’ll never regret because I was taking care of the most important thing in my life at that time.  Spending every minute I could with my daddy.

This season I was so disappointed and knew it was going to probably be a bad season because of all the dead deer being found and not finding anything on my cameras.  But now, I had an awesome opportunity come to not only me, but all the ladies of Wildlife Women.  A friend of the Wildlife Women ladies offered to let us come up and hunt on his farm property in Northern Kentucky.  HOT DIGITY DOGS!! I knew now that I could have an chance to fill my freezer!!  For me, that’s what it’s all about.  Providing for my family and the peace I feel when in the outdoors.  The weekend hunt with my sisters of Wildlife Women was one weekend I’ll never forget.  I was able to harvest a nice Doe that weekend and feel a sense of accomplishment for once in a long time.  It’s definitely one that you’ll never know unless you have experienced it yourself.  And if you havn’t, I hope that someday you do.

This season, I’m LOOKING AHEAD.  Wildlife Women was given an opportunity to hunt on a piece of property that is a dream piece of property.  It was the feeling of excitement when scouting that property and counting 21 deer just in one mile.  As us ladies are setting blinds up, Trail Cameras and corn, I stand back and stare with a sense of accomplishment and think how much excitement I have for this upcoming season.  I not only get to hunt it myself, but I get to hunt it with my sisters that I have made through Wildlife Women.  I have grown as a hunter, mother, provider in just a short time because of these ladies.  They have given me more than anyone could ever know unless they are me.  I really love being able to teach the things I know to the ladies, plus learning the things they know to me.  This journey is more than I could have ever asked for and one that I will never regret.  It’s because of Wildlife Women, I AM LOOKING AHEAD to an awesome Deer Season!!

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