Life’s Moments

Magnum and Moly enjoying time with me.

You ever had that moment or even moments where you had to step away from everyday life and do something crazy or just something relaxing? That is just what I did in this first picture. My deer season didn’t go the way I expected or even hoped. So a day of freezing cold temperatures with snow and even coyotes being vocal and surrounding me at one point, had me going home with my head down. As I stepped in my door, I was greeted by the most loving thing I have ever had the pleasure to own. My two German Shepherds, Magnum and Moly with wagging tails, cold noses rubbing up against me and giving me the licks while I’m taking all my hunting gear off.

That made me realize, I wasn’t or shouldn’t feel defeated. I had two puppies that were more than happy to see me and they didn’t care how my season was going. They were just happy I was there and they were there to show me the unconditional love that they have. It was at that moment that I looked them in the faces and said, “Let’s go outside!” That’s the magic word for them, “outside”. They ran to the front door ready to be let out in the snow. As I opened the door, they ran out and plowed head first on the snow laying on the ground. Rolling around like there was no tomorrow and running to me to give me that occasional lick and touch. We played in the snow for a while. Running, (yes, I ran with them), jumping around, (not much jumping for me) and just having a great time.

My point here is if you have never been a dog owner, you’re missing out. If you have, you know what I mean. The love a dog gives, is so unconditional. You can do no wrong and they trust you with everything they have. Wouldn’t you love for everyone to look at the world the way a dog does. To see no wrong and to love everyone unconditional and accept someone for who they are? The place we live in would be a better place if they would.

My best advise is to take nothing for granted. Enjoy the life you live and if you’re not living the life you want, it’s time to do so. Be brave, be happy and go get a dog if you don’t have one already.

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