Lake Cumberland is calling, and I Must Go!!

Woo-Hoo!  Come on warm weather!!  For those living around Lake Cumberland, the start of Spring means, “time to get out that BOAT!”  It’s been the longest winter ever.  The lake has been teaming with bass boats and fishing tournaments since the early spring, but it’s almost time for the BIG BOYS to bring their toys for summer recreation.

Lake Cumberland Chapter Leader, Kelly Crow, plans to have several events to bring Wildlife Women members to the lake.  Wake boarding, surfing, and skiing will be held in late July.  Kayaking and boating will be in August.  Keep an eye out for those events going up on our website and Facebook page before long.  Those events, as well as, a weekend of relaxing boat fun with the girls are in store for the Lake Cumberland area.

Anyone wishing to join our lake days will need to adhere to Wildlife Women guidelines of good, clean, alcohol and drug free fun.  The lake activities are taken seriously and safety is of utmost importance.  To view our company teaching the wake boarding, surfing, and skiing, please check out their Facebook page Wake Cumberland Water Sports.  They have a 99% percent success rate (the 1% was 4 years old and refused to do it…lol).  So if you join us, you WILL learn to be Wake boarding.  Website is


Living on Lake Time,

Kelly Crow

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