Journey into the WILD



I have begun an incredible journey. This journey is bringing richness to my life in ways I could have never imagined.  Cravings for new experiences.  Desires to learn and try things that in my younger years, I didn’t know existed or were an option for me.  My newest journey is a series of life’s roads merging into one strong, clear path for me, at least for the near future.


The first weekend in January, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Wildlife Women leadership while participating in a training for one of my passions, Friends of the NRA Committee Training.  I had listened to Bridgette speak about her reasons for founding the organization and as a mother and an educator, felt an immediate kinship with the purpose and mission of this group.


I spoke with Bridgette and Kelly about founding a chapter in my area, and the ground breaking in new territory began.  I began reviewing my calendar and my contact list for available dates and opportunities that interested me, as well as things that I felt would appeal to other ladies in the area so we could grow and expand.  It is revealing, when every show you watch, or place you visit or thing you read becomes another possibility for reaching women in your area.  What do I, and women similar to me, want to learn?  How can I prompt, promote and encourage these ladies to participate and share with even more?  What can I do, to truly inspire women to do something?


The answer came in the form of leaving my comfort zone.  My personal bubble, like most women, is very comfortable.  I am a Wife, a Mother, a Professional with a career.  I tend to be a control freak, wanting organization and appreciate knowing what will happen before I do something.  I will study, research and review something for hours before deciding it is too far out of my comfort zone and rejecting it.  I don’t want to look silly or incompetent.  I am not as young as I used to be, and suffer some chronic pain, so I also don’t want to be hurt or miserable while participating in something.  I am extremely competitive, and truly dislike failure on my part, if I can’t do something.  I am often in my head, consumed with negative thoughts about my abilities or lack of.  I struggle with self-doubt, second-guessing and regrets to the point of paralyzing me from moving forward.  This journey means I have to burst my comfort zone bubble.


I read and participate in messages and conversations with the leadership of this group, and even though I have only met 2 of them face to face, feel a genuine friendship with every lady.  We all bring different experiences and backgrounds to the table.  We all bring different struggles and lifes challenges, as well.  I have laughed with them, prayed with them, grieved with them and celebrated with them.  All of these experiences have introduced me to a world far outside my comfort zone.  I have, at least 15 new and different experiences coming in just the next 6 months.  Some directly related to Wildlife Women and some with only a peripheral connection, having been inspired to leave my comfort zone.  Each of these will bring with them education and inspiration that will lead me to encourage other women to break out of their own comfort zone and participate with me.


Follow my journey, read my blogs, as I pursue my own path into the WILD.

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