It’s finally August!!! So???

August is the winding down month of summer, we all know that of course.
But August is much more than that, for though it may be the end, more appropriately it’s the beginning of all good things that lie ahead.
In August a few leaves will begin to turn, a few nights will be cool. We’ve all heard of “Indian Summer”, which tends to come around late October, but I offer up an “Indian Fall”. Around my parts we usually get a brief period of early fall weather in August, a couple of days where the air clears of summer’s humidity, winds turn Northwest and nights are in the 50’s and daytime highs only in the upper 60’s. Granted sultry heat will soon return, but for a moment it’s early fall!
September is now only a month away,  with Dove & Squirrel seasons opening in many areas as well as big game in the western states and Canada.
Fishing tackle will be somewhat put aside, deer stands checked, decoys unraveled from lines and weights, dogs worked to get their summer fat off. Archery practice is now stepping up, rifles will soon be sighted in.
All I’m trying to say is this: August . . . don’t fret it, its just the beginning! ~ Wade Pennell

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