I’m Tina Thornsberry and This is My First Blog

We’re do I start. What do I want to write about. Well y’all know I only know how to do one thing in life lol. “HUNT”

My journey in hunting began when I was 5 years old. My dad never got the son I’m sure he always wanted he got me lol. So he took what he had I’m guessing and tuned me into the hunter I am today. As a child I hunted and fished everyday my dad had free time to go. Which was pretty much every weekend. I didn’t know it then what an impact it would have on my whole life.

I am blessed in life as I get to hunt for a living. I mean who doesn’t want that dream. I hear it all the time. When I tell people I’m a guide they most of the time assume I drive a bus around showing people sites lol. I have to repeat myself and say I’m a hunting guide. Then they look at me all strange. But after they understand what I do and what I  love the most in the world they totally get it.

I have so many hunting stories to share with you my friends. I can’t wait to write some of them up for you to read and share in my adventures.

Let’s just start off with my first deer harvest. I was around 12. My dad took me and put me in a spot and said sit here and you’ll get a deer. Now I’ve been hunting with me since I was 5. But it was my turn to shoot finally. I was really nervous and excited all at the same time. I can remember it like it was yesterday. As I sit under that big beautiful oak tree at my Aunt Linda’s house up on the hill I can remember the excitement of listening to every squirrel run by me. I would get excited because I just knew it was a deer every time. Well after about 15 squirrels and what seemed like I sit there for endless hours. I heard a noise that definitely wasn’t a squirrel.

I looked up and saw a deer coming threw the woods. My heart started pounding. It felt like it was going to explode lol. I could hear it in my ears even. I got so nervous that in my head I was trying to hold it together and trying to remember everything I’d been shown for many years.

I had my dads Winchester 30.30 in my hand. I lifted the barrel and waited what seemed like forever. As he got closer I squeezed the trigger. Boom‼️‼️. As I looked up from the recoil I saw him fall down. I jumped up so fast. Not thinking just assuming he’s was dead. As I took several steps he jumped up and took off. I was heart broken. My dad was on his way to me by then. We had a blood trail. But he said you’ve gut shot the deer we may not find him. I said to myself here was my first shot and I’ve blew it. I was a little upset I’m just saying lol. I followed dad all around him showing me signs of what to look for and what not. As the rain started pouring down I got more upset. I just knew I had messed up. I was wondering around looking when dad hollered hey come here. The deer had ran straight down hill right into a thicket. But there he was all beautiful laying there. I was beside myself I was still a nervous wreck. My dad reached into his pocket and pulled out his knife. He said he you go. I’m going to let you do this yourself. I wasn’t skittish as I’ve seen it done many times by dad. But my dad was a better shot then me lol.

Have you ever gutted a deer that’s been gut shot. Well I hadn’t even seen one gut shot before.

As I got down on my knees I could see the stem rolling out because it was cold outside and still drizzling from the rain we had got earlier. And the deer was still hot inside. Well as I proceeded to gut my first deer ever I learned very fast exactly why you don’t gut shoot a deer lol. He was a prize to me no matter what. He ended up being a small 5 point and my very first harvest  and all on my own.

I’ve still got him today. He’s my prize deer out of every deer hanging on my wall. I’m even more blessed to have my dads 30.30 sitting in my gun cabinet. In 2010 I was even more blessed when I was able to take my son and my husband on a deer hunt for their very first time and they both used my dads same ole 30.30 and we all 3 killed a buck that week. They all 3 hang together on my wall. As these memories will last a lifetime. My dad has harvest so many deer with that gun these no way of knowing just how many. When he passed away I was blessed with that it. I hope one day to take my grankids and let them harvest their first deer with it. The memories of that gun is just unreal that I have.

Until the next story.

Elk Princess ❤️

Tina Thornsberry




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