I’m Not a “Country” Girl

As Wildlife Women ignites and takes off, I’m sitting here and thinking about my place in it all.  I am extremely grateful to be a part of this group and to call these ladies friends.  They are hard-working, fun-loving, adventure-taking, and memory-making friends that I wouldn’t trade anything for.


But today I feel like I’m on the sidelines, a phony, a fraud.  I’m not a “country” girl, I’m a “city” girl.  Yea my summers were spent in the hollers and hills, but I grew up in Lexington. So, who am I kidding? Right? I didn’t grow up doing these things the way these ladies did. It is their life—it was my summers.  I don’t have the experience or the knowledge they have and I’ll be honest, it frustrates me.


But then I remember what our mission is: to inspire, to encourage, to educate.  That’s me! So I do belong and I am an important part of this group. Even though I don’t have the knowledge or the experience—I have the enthusiasm and the willingness and the desire to learn and experience new things, whether hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, or anything else outdoors!


So if you’re thinking that you can’t be a part of this group, for any reason, please reconsider! We all belong and we all bring something different to the table. This is a safe environment for you to learn, to make mistakes, to grow, to make memories, and to forge lasting friendships. I hope to see some of y’all at our next event!

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