“I Chose Him”


My hunting season began in August. My husband took me out to show me what deer trails look like. We placed mineral and trail cameras at locations where we expected activity to be. Over the next 2 months, I identified the first big buck that I would pursue. He had been elusive last year. I had seen him once and taken a shot. Not making excuses, just explaining, I was standing in the deer stand, had just shot 2 doe within the last 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe he walked in. He was at the top of a hill through the woods about 100yds away. Stopped between 2 trees. I was taking the shot off hand, no stick or rest. I pulled the shot and hit the tree nearby. No one in the family really believed he existed, until we caught him on camera this year. I knew he was there, so I was thrilled when we caught him. A 10 point with an interesting rack and large body. This is the buck I have chosen.

I scheduled my calendar and made plans to bow hunt. I went out and climbed into the treestand before dawn. I encountered a coyote, feral cats, chipmunks and squirrels. Nothing came in close enough the entire first day, certainly not the buck I chose. Day 2, I chose a different location. 3 hours in to a morning sit, I pull out my cellphone to break the boredom. From the hilltop, comes what I believed was a small 6 point. I decided to film him and see how close he would come. As I am filming, his rack gets bigger. At 30yds, I realize THIS is the buck I chose. I continue to film as I try and figure out how to put down the phone, retrieve my bow and draw. (I have never bow hunted before, ever). He knew I was close. He kept coming. I let the phone slide into my pack. I slowly picked up my bow. I tried to wait until he looked down to attempt a draw. He was now 10ft. from me, below my stand. As I began to raise my elbow, he caught me. BUSTED!! By the buck I chose. He looked directly at me. Giving me hope that he would ignore me if I just stayed still. He grunted, snorted and bounded off down the hill. I was filled with frustration, but knew gun season begins next week and I would be right here, with a rifle, waiting for the buck I chose.

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