Kicking Up Dust

I went to visit a friend who has Appaloosa horses. We were supposed to discuss a Wildlife Women event and take pictures of the new foals. Somehow I got distracted by all the cuteness and it turned into more like a day at a petting zoo.
My friends had acquired a mare and foal thru another acquaintance. At first they planned to keep the filly, but because of her “attitude”, decided to sale her. They said she wasn’t friendly, you couldn’t catch her, and her nickname was “the little turd”. So naturally, I had to check her out. As soon as I entered the field, the filly left her momma, came straight up to me, and let me rub her all over. I scratched her head and held her halter. I thought I was with the wrong horse, but her owner stood there in complete surprise and assured me that she had never done that with anyone. We took pictures with the filly, discussed our upcoming trail ride, and I was just about to leave when I felt a little muzzle bite me on the shoulder from behind. That was it. I wanted her. I loved the spunky little attitude.
I am now the proud owner of a feisty little Appaloosa filly. She doesn’t have spots, but looks like she will roan out as she ages, just like her momma. Her registered name was submitted as Kicking Up Dust. But her barn name is “Dusty”. Named for George Straight’s character in his movie. Gotta love George Straight! I have high hopes for this filly. I will raise and break her, myself. I intend to use her mostly as a trail horse. My long term goal is to ride her in Cowboy Shooting events, but for the next several months, we will be doing round pen work. Here’s to the start of no more kicking, no more biting, and no more worries!
Happy Trails,

Kelly Crow

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