He Thinks We’re Just Hunting

He thinks we’re just hunting but the truth is, we are spending time together and making memories that he will always remember.  With a world consumed in social media, video games and television  and as a mother who loves the outdoors, I feel a need to make sure my children are brought up into the outdoors.  For me, if I’m confined indoors, I feel like a caged animal and have the need to be outside.  The need to smell the fresh air, see my surroundings and hear the sounds that surround me.

Of course being a mother, we have a certain pride for our children.  We love them more than they will ever know until one day when they bring forth their own children, they may understand.  When I do the things I do in the outdoors, I ask my kids to join me.  I limit the computer time and television time so it forces them out into the outdoors without them knowing.  When the day comes and your child asks you to take them fishing, hunting, kayaking or just anything in the outdoors, you then realize you have done your deed as a mother and have instilled in them the need to be in the outdoors.

Here I am today, being asked by my son to take him hunting.  So what do I do, I take him hunting. He walks and sits by my side asking questions and doing what I ask him to do.  He THINKS we’re just hunting, but it’s more than that.  We are spending time together building a bond.  A bond that will only make him realize that I’m always going to be by his side.  It’s a bond that he doesn’t even realize because HE THINKS WE’RE JUST HUNTING.



2 thoughts on “He Thinks We’re Just Hunting”

  1. Mama’s outdoors is way cooler than video games & television! Your heart’s in the right place and he appreciates it! Well said.

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