As our hunting seasons begin, let’s not forget the awesome “rights”, not “privileges” we all have as American citizens.
The right to own, possess and carry firearms. Other countries only allow the select few to hunt and own weapons, or at best severely regulate what and when their subjects, “certainly not free peoples” do what they would wish to do with a firearm.
This small blog is due to a recent picture/post on the outdoor social media app YUDU (which everyone should join) that Wildlife Women Vice President Melissa Blair posted. Several ladies on a weekend outing, carrying sidearms. Proud & free.
People, there is no place on earth that humans as individuals and as a group can be this free!
What I wish to point out to you reading this, and to all of us is this: As you go afield this season, enjoy your hunt and harvest, but hold in your hearts the ability to do so as free people. ~ Wade Pennell


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