It is said “Home is where the heart is.” and I agree, but I wish to further that with “Contentment is where your heart finds it.”
There can be more contentment in a five acre woodlot than a thousand acres of wilderness. That five acres behind the house is home turf, you know every inch, every tree, every rock. Not exciting? How about you know where to sit for any given wind, which way the deer come from or to, morning and evening. Even which nut tree the squirrels like best or where the grouse gets it’s grapes. Try that on a thousand acres of wilderness!
That a farm pond with a few decoys scattered about and an eager young pup can do more for your inner contentment than a hundred block spread on Back Bay or Bombay hook.
Watching the seasons change on a single massive oak upon a familiar hillside can gather in more contented feelings of connection and well being than all the far off places travel brochures picture.
We all dream and yearn for distant adventures and that is good. I have done and been to many. But never pass up the pure pleasure and contentment of a familiar place. Because believe when I say, at the autumn of your life, those are the places you will look back on and hold dear. ~ Wade Pennell

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