Carrying a firearm “carries” a huge responsibility of course, but not in the way many would think. True are the obvious, the ability to take a life, to cause destruction; moral responsibilities of the highest order for sure!
But what of the most important responsibility? That responsibility to protect the carrier’s life and possibly those around them?
This obviously is the main reason we as concerned citizens carry, for our own protection and others that are important to us.
The business where I work is extremely pro second amendment, with the owners and most employees carrying, either openly or concealed. Several men and one lady, and as the cashier, she is in the most danger so is the most important person to be armed.
The ability of a robbery to succeed at this establishment is next to none and a mass shooting would be totally impossible.
When close of business day myself and the female clerk walk down a dark alley to our vehicles at a rear unlit parking area. Granted I am 6′ tall and 200 lbs, while she is just five feet and petite, but we are no more afraid nor intimidated than a Sunday afternoon midday stroll.
Why? We are armed! She is armed, I am armed. She relies on me and I know I can count on her as my protector.
Carry, carry everyday, everywhere you are able. Your life depends on it and others too.  ~ Wade Pennell

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