Carrying a firearm is one of the most important things I’ve ever decided to do. It wasn’t a light decision. The ramifications of what I was training for are deep, deadly. I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a grandmother. To love and nurture is what God made me for, yet I carry because I am the first defense between the evil that lurks in this world and the people I love the most.

     Before a 911 call can be made, whatever bad is going to happen…HAS happened.  Statistically most situations happen in under a few minutes,  if not seconds. I am the 911 for myself, the ones I love and I will do what’s necessary.  I have been training and will continue training to improve my reactions, my response….my precision.

     Women are choosing to buy firearms more now than ever. Many are single mothers. Many are older.  Over 25% of new permits are issued to women. With the cry of Defund The Police ringing in their ears they are fed up being left to fend for themselves. Fed up being abused. FED UP BEING AFRAID.

We don’t always have the option to run and hide do we? I will make damn sure my children and grandchild have a fighting chance. I will sacrifice myself for my children. I am not a scary predator.  I am not the “bad guy”….I am an educated, empowered, elegant, feminine woman. DO NOT TAKE MY RIGHTS AWAY. Do NOT leave me defenseless in an ever increasingly evil world. I AM WORTHY of every opportunity to protect myself and mine. ~ Judith C