It is one of the blessings of wilderness life that it shows us how few things we need in order to be happy.”~ Horace Kephart, Camping and Woodcraft, 1916
Camping 🏕     That one word brings to mind a picture of a campfire crackling and popping, while surrounded by family quietly talking, sipping tea, cocoa and coffee, along with the melodious sound of laughter as we share stories, poke fun and burn marshmallows.       Camping gets us back to basics, for like the quote above, we need very few things to be comfortable and content. It’s amazing what we DON’T need out in the woods.     I always thought one of the best ways to test a future spouse was to take them camping. See how they react to not having some of the modern conveniences and also how willing they were to pitch in. A little adversity has a good way of showing someone’s true character. Set up in the rain and see who whines and complains!     I love camping. It’s the time away from the TV, phone and video games. When you can reclaim your children from the computer! Get to know each other again, playing games, hiking, swimming, burning food, sleeping in the same tent! My two youngest always slept curled up on either side of me, because mom was the protector…but no one fell asleep until the giggles subsided!     Some of the best memories of my children were made camping and I learned how resourceful and willing to work they really were. One year SOMEONE burned her hand on a cookpot and the kids pitched right in and took care of things.     As I get older I do have less desire though to sleep anywhere near the cold ground. I’d also much rather be clean when I go to sleep and have a restroom vs. a tree. I don’t think that’s asking too much? It’s still camping, but roughing it doesn’t have to be rough! ~ Judith C
My camping adventures started at an early age, growing up on a mountain with no neighbors for miles I had the wilds all to myself. In those days it was just my sleeping bag, .22 rifle and a dog. The dog probably providing more security than the firearm to a ten year old boy that hadn’t completely lost all fear of the dark!     From there camping slowly progressed to tents and cots, hot meals and ice cold beverages. Somewhere along the way RV trailers made an appearance in my camping world as well. An RV still “camping”? I believe so and here’s why. With all the amenities of home a few feet away everyone still sat outside around the campfire burning food just as Judith said!     Camping for me took on a whole new meaning once acquiring a sailboat. Now I was free to travel the world as it were, but still it was basically camping, but on water.     Now my camping is just a state park a few miles away with tent and cot, and yes my dog accompanies me, for it’s still dark at night! ~ Wade Pennell