Thank God for small blessings.”
How many times have we heard that phrase yet passed it off as just that, an old saying?
Sure, we are thankful for the big things. A home, good kids, a loving family, health, etc. These are all truly thankful and appreciated blessings.
But what of the little things, those “small blessings”?
A child’s smile, a sunrise, birdsong, a puppy’s wiggle, a freshly mowed lawn, rain, moon beams through a window, puffy clouds, fall foliage, a delicious meal. Contentment at the end of the day, good neighbors, the list is endless.
Do not all these things and countless other “small blessings” add up to some really big blessings?
You will soon begin this hunting season with anticipation and thoughts of success, as you should. But don’t overlook the small things, the small blessings.
A sunrise or that moonlit walk back out at end of the day. Watching a little buck boast to the indifferent does, a squirrel worrying that you’re sitting in his tree. A golden leaf wobble in the breeze at the edge of your vision, causing you to constantly catch your breath a dozen times as you yet again turn your head to look.
I wish you all great success this coming season, I know you’ll give it your best. But once out there take the time to enjoy what nature and God has provided. Slow that heart rate, breath deeply and soak it all in and remember:
Thank God for small blessings! ~ Wade Pennell

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