Every beginning has to have a beginning.”
This is for the woman that has heard about Wildlife Women, seen their posts, watched the videos. You are interested yet hesitant, unsure if you could keep up and handle one of their many outings. “I couldn’t do that” is a misnomer, there is nothing to be shy about.
You would be embraced not embarrassed, helped not left helpless, encouraged not discouraged. The whole concept of this dynamic and growing organization is exactly that, to encourage, inspire and educate.
Step forward, make that contact of a chapter in your area. You can do this, you know you want to, you know you’re interested.
“Every beginning has to have a beginning. ~ Wade Pennell


2 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Love this! Life has never taken me down this path. I would most certainly not object to it, I would embrace the opportunity.

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