“Bear Necessities”


“Bear Necessities” was a seminar held for men and women which was taught by retired Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Game Warden Greg Ison.  Also known as “Big’Un” or bear man.  He has raised, rescued, and even wrestled bears himself.  We had a nice group to gather and were eager to learn all about bears in hopes that we all could harvest a bear this season.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur4KoqGUCsU&t=15s

Kentucky had their first bear hunt in December 2009.  As for me, I’ve always wanted to harvest my first bear and be able to supply more meat for my family. The thoughts of hunting a bear and taking one did scare me a little because of never taking on such a hunt before.  With bear hunting only being in Kentucky for 9 years, it’s still something new to this region.  I’ve never been around bear much, other than waking up and finding where a bear has tore into the garbage bins or the occasional pictures on social media of other people seeing them do the same or run across the road.  When I say I was scared, I’m talking about if I’m able to harvest a bear, what’s next.  How do we process the meat?  The “Bear Necessities” class taught us all the necessities that we need and will use for hopefully taking our first bear.  With taking this seminar, I now have the confidence to take on a great task.

This weekend is archery bear season for Kentucky.  For the first time, I’m excited and really eager to buy my first bear tag and get into the outdoors and try to harvest my first bear!  Now I’m not saying it will definitely happen this weekend because that is how hunting goes.  But I can sure try and hope that God blesses me enough to be able to experience a great opportunity and make a memory that I’ll never forget with or without harvesting one.


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