As the Arrow Flies

It’s a known fact that in order for an arrow to fly, it must be pulled backwards and released. I’ve spent the past years in a life that drew me back but left me at full draw. Have you ever held your bow at full draw for an extended period of time? It’s fine for a while, comfortable. But as the seconds turn to minutes, your muscles tense and quiver. The strength it took to pull back fades and you are left with two choices. Aim at your target and release or let it down. If you let it down, you have a reason. Maybe something wasn’t right about the shot. Perhaps you just weren’t ready. Whatever your reason, eventually you’ll draw again and when the time is right, you’ll let the arrow fly.

This year, I let my arrow fly. I’ve been barreling into the unknown at what feels like warp speed. Facing fears, conquering obstacles and getting closer to the target of my life than ever before. I stayed at full draw until I couldn’t hold it any longer. Some days, the weight was too much to hold and I let down. And the day came, when I knew it was time. As the arrow of this new life flies, I’m becoming so much more than I was before. I believe in who I am again. And I know that wherever I land, it’s gonna be right where I aimed.