Another Adventure

So this past weekend August 24, 2018 I booked us a campsite at Kendell campground. It’s located beside wolf creek dam on lake Cumberland. I’ve camped there for many many years. But this time was totally awesome. I got myself a new camper. No more tent camping for this old chic lol. So we get down there around 11 that Friday night. We already had 8 friends waiting for us. We got camp set up and sit around and talked till around 1am. We made it to bed and decided we definitely wasn’t getting up early to fish. We just needed to sleep in for once.  We got up around 9am. I made up a big whopping breakfast. I fried up 2 huge rolls of sausage, 18 pack of eegs thru in a whole pack of cheddar cheese and a can of salsa.  We ended up chowing down 20 burritos that morning lol. We done absolutely nothing but sit in our chairs and talked and laughed till around 1pm. We got the bright idea of going to cabelas in bowling green. About and hour and a half drive. So we all loaded up and headed down the Cumberland parkway. As we walked into cabelas my husband says I think I’ll get me a fly rod like yours so we can go try and catch some trout this evening. I was tickled pink he was gonna try a new adventure with me. So as we walked to the back I saw this beautiful pink cabelas fly rod. If you know me you know pink is my first love lol. So I said why don’t you take my brand new cabelas big horn fly pole and I’ll get the pink one lol. He said that’s perfectly fine. So we loaded up on some flies and supplies. We jumped back in the truck and headed back up the parkway. We made it back to camp and everyone was ready for dinner. Tony had brought wild turkey, Erick and Jess had crappie and I had catfish. So we whipped up a huge dinner. Erick was the fry cook. Jess made baked beans, Mac and cheese, coleslaw. While we were making dinner we had 5 more guests show up at camp. Some old friends I love dear. In my elk guide business I always take kids elk hunting for free. Well Eli my youth hunter came so did he and his parents and uncle and aunt. Eli isn’t a young any more lol. He’s grown into a fine young man. He’s a about 6”5 now days lol. As I sit on the tailgate of the truck watching and looking at everyone. I just smiled really big and thought to myself every person here tonight was because 11 years ago I had this big idea I could be an elk guide. So as I sit here 11 years later and 10 people that were sitting in front of me was all because of that big idea I had to become a guide. Everyone here has become best friends because of me choosing to become a guide. We’d never knew each other if it hadn’t been for that. What a blessed lady I certainly am.

So we just sit around told big stories had plenty laughs and before we knew it was already 12am. We said our goodbye and good nights and headed to bed. We’d had promised Tony we’d definitely get the kayaks out and hit the river for some fishing before the water came on that morning. We paddled up to the dam and fished. We caught trout and my husband hooked into a walleye. The horns blew so we started padding back towards the ramp. We got loaded up and headed back to camp. Everyone was ready to leave. We said our goodbyes. I had asked Jess if Aidan could come fish with us while they packed up camp. Because we had decided to stay till checkout at 3pm to keep fishing. Me and Aidan grabbed us a Superman ice cream from the ice cream stand and we headed to the fly rod section of the river. I hear my husband say I got one. He got a good one but he didn’t wait on me to get a picture lol. He had put him back in the water.  Well I hadn’t made 5 casts with my fly rod yet and what do ya know I landed my first fly rod trout. I was so excited. I told Aidan to get my camera and film me lol. So after I caught mine I handed my pole to Aidan. He had made 3 casts and bam!!! He landed his first fly rod trout. We were all excited and hooked on fly fishing now lol.  By then Aidan’s parents had arrived. We said our goodbyes. And we headed back to Knott co. What a weekend I can’t wait to my next adventure.


Tina Thornsberry

Chapter leader

Letcher and Harlen

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