Our Approach


At the very heart of the Wildlife Women's mission is to encourage women to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of their experience level or passions, in a safe and encouraging environment.  Wildlife Women hosts events throughout the year to allow women to participate in a variety of outdoor activities including: shooting sports, hunting, fishing, archery, ATV rides, hiking, and many others.

Our Story


At Wildlife Women we want to inspire women to embrace the beauty of the outdoors, gain support from new found friendships, and create a legacy to be passed down to future generations.  We host a variety of events for women only, mother/daughter events, and events that are designed to include the whole family.


Wildlife Women founder Bridgette Holbrook did not grow up hunting and grew up with a natural fear of guns.  As a young mom Bridgette found that her daughter had severe food allergies and no idea where to turn.

  After doing some research, trial and error, and a little luck, she realized that her daughter could eat wild game without any negative consequences.

When she became a single mom and found herself having to hunt, she overcame her fear of guns, began hunting on her own for food and her passion for the outdoors reached new levels.

Today Bridgette and the entire staff at Wildlife Women are dedicated to educating others about the benefits of life afield and choosing the right equipment.