A Memorable Rabbit Hunt for Wildlife Women

When you hold an event and listen to all the women at the end talk about how much fun they had, that’s when you know you’re doing something right. Wildlife Women held a rabbit hunt event at Whitetail Heaven Outfitters in Nicholasville, Kentucky. All the ladies who attended had never been rabbit hunting other than me one time. We started the morning off with a class on gun safety and how rabbit hunting is with beagles. The main instructor for our event was Stephen Estes and two guides, Jason Freeman and Sean Horn. Once all the ladies understood how to be safe and how rabbit hunting was, the next step was to get everyone familiarized with the guns that they would be using. A skeet shoot was set up and all the ladies had one on one teaching and shooting at skeets.
All us ladies headed out to listen and watch those beagles work and bark when they found a rabbit. There we were, walking through tall grass, carrying guns at a safe position and watching where everyone was. We talked and laughed and discussed how the whole hunt was going. The excitement we all had when we heard the beagles bark when they started chasing a rabbit. Watching and waiting, anticipating where the rabbit was going to run so we could get into position and hopefully shoot at a rabbit. The wind was blowing so bad that the dogs wasn’t sure where the rabbit ran and would lose the scent. Once a rabbit made a good showing and was shot at a couple of times before it was finally bagged. The ladies and three guides walked miles on this hunt and came out of the woods right before the rain hit.
The hunt had come to an end with one rabbit, but that didn’t matter. It was then that you could see it in everyone’s faces. The hunt wasn’t about how many rabbits we got. It was about the moments we spent together learning, talking and making friendships even stronger. Each lady had a big smile on their face and thanked each for coming and doing this. We all talked about doing another event real soon and having more fun like we did today. This is what Wildlife Women is about. It’s the moments that we can bring women together and educate, inspire, and encourage women to get into the outdoors with other women in a laidback environment and enjoy what we are doing.


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