Wildlife Women School Club Wraps Up The First Year



Wildlife Women has just completed their first year for the pilot, Wildlife Women School Club!  As Chapter Leader for the Lake Cumberland Area, I (Kelly Crow), have learned a huge amount from these girls.  For one, my definition of “outdoors woman” or “women of the outdoors”, was not the same for a middle school girl.  In the beginning, many joined the club based on the name and assumed it would be kind of like a Biology or Science class.  They thought they would learn about different types of wildlife.

To say this year was a growing experience, would be an understatement.  And that includes myself!  The intentions were to teach them about the different aspects of outdoor activities and to be self-sufficient.  By the end of the year, the self-sufficient part still needed some work, but they definitely learned to work as a team.  And a team of girls learning to work together is still a beautiful thing.

For many, they had never experienced the simplest of outdoor past times, such as, camping.  Putting up a tent can be boring for these technology infused teens…..I mean, it doesn’t get done with a phone.  But, as they found out, you can google “How to Put up a Tent” with that phone, and make sure it’s done correctly.  Also, like many (including myself), most of the girls’ outdoor experiences came from hiking, ATV, or just playing in the fields.  Nothing included hunting, fishing, or any experiences killing for food.

All in all, this school club was enjoyed and appreciated.   It sparked a love for something too often forgotten — the outdoors!  At the end of the year, I asked the girls what they would like to see added for next year or if they planned on taking this class again.  I heard a resounding, YES!  And let’s go do a hunt!  So, for any of you reading in cyber world……… Do you want to help out a middle school girl?  Do you want to be a part of teaching a student how to hunt?  We need someone to donate a hunt for our school.  Schools don’t have extra funds and teachers can’t afford it.  I want to take these girls on a hunt for this upcoming school year!  Let me hear from you!  kellywildlifewomenky1@gmail.com


Kelly Crow, Lake Cumberland Chapter Leader

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