Tina’s Mississippi Mud Roast

Mississippi Mud Roast

I love making this for my family. It’s one of our favorite meals, Simple and easy and all you need is a crockpot. One roast of any game meat, Deer, Elk, Moose, Beef ect..

Recipe as follows:

1 large roast

1 packet dry Ranch

1 stick of salted butter

1 packet of dry au jus gravy mix- you can also use brown gravy mix packet if no au jus.

5-6 pepperoncini OR about 10 banana pepper rings

1/4 cup water

Put your roast down in the crock pot and add your water.  Add all dry packets until everything is covered up. Then chunk up butter and lay around on top of the meat. Then add your peppers all over the top of the roast. Put on high for 6 hours. Open pot and pull all the meat apart like pulled pork. Then let cook another hour. It’s perfect. You can serve it poured over mash potato’s or like open face roast beef. It’s delicious anyway you do it. Oh and don’t for the rolls. My favorite is Hawaiian rolls.  Simple and easy and ooooo so delicious!!

Deer and Elk are my favorite.  Eat well my friends

Tina Thornsberry

Chapter leader, Harlen and Letcher


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